Cranial Neuropathy

Cranial neuropathy is split into two smaller sets of problems: optic neuropathy and auditory neuropathy.

The main symptom of optic neuropathy is partial or full blindness depending on the severity of the condition. This may affect one or both eyes, with or without pain. Also possible is the loss of color vision. Colors may be blurred or washed out. Also, some colors may be perceived as a different color. The patient until examined by a doctor may not even notice the loss of color vision. If the patient has lost the ability to see color in only one eye, the other eye compensates so that proper color vision is maintained.

Auditory neuropathy has the main symptom of partial or full deafness. This can be in one ear or both. The degree of deafness in each ear may not be the same if both ears are affected. This can cause a lot of discomfort to the patient because the brain cannot properly detect where noise or sound is coming from thus leading to unpleasant confusion. The deafness may be gradual over a prolonged period of time or can happen instantly. The auditory neuropathy can be completely spontaneously in some cases, or may result from other illnesses.