Serrapeptase and Neuropathy

More and more people are looking for alternative and natural remedies for their physical ailments mainly because of the serious side effects of medications. In Asia, plant based medicines are the preferred treatment option, and serrapeptase benefits the human body and has been used quite effectively in Asia and Europe for many years as an alternative medicine for inflammation.

Neuropathy is an inflammation that can be very serious and painful even to the point of being disabling. Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme that is an anti-inflammatory agent that is capable of reducing the inflammation of Neuropathy.

Many patients have found relief by the use of Serrapeptase to relieve the discomforts associated with Neuropathy. Many of the anti inflammatory drugs on the market have such serious side effects including ulcers, bleeding, strokes, and kidney failure, just to name a few. Therefore natural remedies are so desirable.

Research has indicated the side effects of Serrapeptase are minimal, if any.  But it is wise to check with your physician before using any product. Serrapetase is conveniently packaged in both tablet and capsule and is also quite inexpensive. Watch Serrapeptase Youtube Video

Treatment for Neuropathy

Treatment plans are determined by the origin of the neuropathy.  Since neuropathy has such a wide range of symptoms and causes, it can be treated in a vast range of different ways.

If the neuropathy is caused by alcohol abuse, the treatment is to avoid alcohol. If peripheral neuropathy is caused by a certain medication, other medications can be prescribed. In the case of diabetic neuropathy, careful monitoring of blood sugar can decrease the symptoms of neuropathy. Although neuropathy is usually not cured, it can be managed by a well thought out plan of action.

There are a number of medications that are helpful and your physician can determine which will be the most beneficial for the particular neuropathy. Some patients have experienced success in alleviating symptoms with natural remedies and vitamin therapy. The most important treatment for neuropathy is to have a thorough evaluation by your physician or a neurologist to have all the facts to evaluate your treatment options.